Smarting Recycle Program – Giving Back to Research and Education

Within Smarting Recycle Program we breathe new life into used Smarting devices. By doing this, we are not just playing a part in creating a sustainable future. We’re also lending a hand to neuroscience research in countries where resources are scarce. In addition, we’re committed to fostering education, recognizing its critical role in cultivating future pioneering researchers. Together, we’re making a positive impact on both our planet and scientific progress.

Smarting Recycle Program - Giving Back to Research and Education

The Challenge

The absence of resources often puts researchers in developing countries at a disadvantage. Especially when we talk about access to advanced technologies. We believe that everyone should have a fair chance at contributing to scientific breakthroughs. Regardless of their geographical barriers or financial constraints.

We‘ve noticed that when our existing users upgrade to a new generation of Smarting devices, the older ones sometimes become disposed of or relegated to storage. But, used Smartings are still of great value and there is no reason to abandon them.

Instead, we’ve decided to change lanes —passing them on to those who struggle to secure funds for their innovative, high-quality research projects, simply due to their geographic or economic circumstances.

We see the incredible potential in the research communities of developing countries, where passionate scientists are working around the clock to unravel the mysteries of the human brain. We believe that their passion and dedication deserve our support.

Who is Smarting Recycle Program for?

For mbt clients

When our existing customers are ready to move up to a new generation device (like the Smarting PRO or Smarting PRO X), we offer a 20% discount if they trade in their currently used device (Smarting or Smarting mobi).

We encourage clients participating in this program to nominate an institution or lab in a developing country as the recipient of the refurbished systems. Alternatively, they have the option to dedicate these refurbished devices to educational initiatives.

For researchers in developing countries

Smarting recycle program - Apply here to get refurbish mobile EEG devices for your scientific research

To achieve our goal, we’ll refurbish those traded-in devices. We will then donate them to researchers and institutions in developing countries.

By doing so, we hope to empower these talented individuals with the tools they need to make a real impact in the field of neuroscience. We’re confident that, by providing access to advanced technology, we can help them unlock their innate brilliance and innovation.

What they have to do is to submit their project on our Smarting Recycle Program webpage. We’ll judge the proposals based on relevance and scientific impact (and of course, the accessibility to funds) and donate our devices to the most promising projects.

Donated EEG systems will enable researchers to explore various aspects of the human brain. Those range from cognitive processes and neurodevelopmental disorders to the effects of culture and environment on brain function.

For Education purposes

Beyond focusing on developing countries, we’re also committed to supporting education. We recognize that educational settings often operate on a much tighter budget for equipment compared to research environments.

To foster the growth of future pioneering researchers, we dedicate a portion of our refurbished systems to educational purposes.

The refurbished systems are still in excellent condition. They maintain high signal quality, robust wireless communication, and excellent time synchronization. Plus, their portability allows effective use without requiring a fully equipped laboratory and can be used at home, or even in the field.

We believe this program will gather neuroscience researchers from around the world into a global network for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Together, we will use this opportunity to build connections and open the questions that will have the potential to reshape the future understanding of the human brain. We can pave the way for more effective treatments, interventions, and strategies to improve brain health worldwide.

To see more information about the program, head over to the Smarting Recycle Program webpage. Fill out a form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with our welcoming team.



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