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Moving boundaries together

These are our key values

Unlock hidden potential

Push the boundaries, question the limits and explore growth possibilities for yourself, the team & the company.


To your teammates. To our customers. To our community. Do your best to help others do their best.

Make things happen

Do your tasks. Present solutions, not problems. We value good ideas and great executions.

Do it
like pro

Do your research, structure your thoughts, plan your actions. Get your job well done.

There is nothing modest
about where we want to get

WHY mbt

We exist to help people use the best of their lives
and the world we live in.

WHAT mbt
wants to achieve

To be the best mobile brain technology company
and inspiration to researchers to continuously move
the boundaries
of neuroscience.

HOW mbt
will do it

By enabling everyday brain tracking the same way we track our hearts today.

We are committed to making the best products

All mbt products are developed, designed & built in-house and equipped with the latest technologies to make a powerful tool for novel brain research.


Our people is what makes us who we are

mbt is a mobile EEG company committed to bringing innovation in neuroscience. We are gathered around the vision of becoming the best brain technology company and inspiration to scientist to continuously move the boundaries of neuroscience. We are seated in Belgrade, but we are present all around the world gathering the community of world’s leading researchers and scientists.

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  • Jovana

    Finance & Logistics

  • Ivan


  • Jelena

    Tech team

  • Pavle

    Tech team

  • Ivan

    Tech team

  • Ana

    Sales team

  • Dragoš

    Finance & Logistics

  • Nikola

    Dev team

  • Miloš

    AI team

  • Danko


  • Andrija

    Sales team

  • Kristina

    Dev team

Strong community is
what makes us stronger

We started from the research community, addressing their real need, and we have been learning from each other all these years. Let's use every opportunity to meet and continue exchanging the feedback and ideas!

Methods in Mobile EEG

Gathering of the world’s top neuroscientists, researchers and neurotech enthusiasts who are moving the boundaries of neuroscience.


Upcoming Events

Let's catch up at the upcoming events to discuss about science, technology, products or mutual collaboration. Schedule a meeting or just learn more on how to find us.

  • 25 Mar

    CNS 2023

    Cognitive Neuroscience Society 30th Anniversary Meeting

    Location icon San Francisco, California, USA

  • 09 Jun

    WAVES ’23

    Cognitive Neuroscience Conference on Body-Brain Waves

    Location icon Salerno, Italy

  • 13 Jul

    SAMBA 2023

    Salzburg Mind Brain Annual Meeting 2023

    Location icon Salzburg, Austria

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