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A woman with smarting line on her head

Wireless EEG

Wireless EEG device for high-quality recordings and monitoring brain activity in real-time. When paired with PC, SMARTING provides superior data quality with excellent time precision.

Smarting wireless EEG device with PC mbt Streamer

High signal quality

Submillisecond time precision

Easy to use streamer for PC

Real time raw data

A wireless EEG device for high quality recordings and monitoring brain activity in real time, outside the lab. When paired with a PC, Smarting provides superior data quality with an excellent time precision.

Smartfones compatible

Combine Smarting with our innovative EEG headgear, perfectly suitable for auditory and music studies. Explore SMARTFONES and check out our reference use cases

Explore Smartfones

Key features

  • Lighter than 60g

    physical dimension 8x5 cm

  • 250 – 500 Hz sampling rate

    with 0-133Hz flat frequency response

  • 24 Channel recording cap

    24 bits with < 1µV input referred noise

  • Motion tracking

    with 3D built in gyroscope

  • 10M wireless range

    using bluetooth 2.1 connection

  • Up to 5 hours recording

    Wireless EEG data streaming


Name Smarting mobi
Number of channels 24
Channel Type / Reference
referential channels /
Referential channels / recording with one electrode
Input impedance 1 GΩ
Input Referred Noise <1 µV
Input Range (-100)mV – 100 mV
CMMR > 140 dB*
Gain 24
Gyroscope 3D Built-in


Electrode Connectors IDC

EEG Cap Layouts

Standard Motor
*measured at 50Hz common mode



Physical box size 82x51x12 mm
Weight <60 grams

AD conversion

Sampling frequency 250 or 500** Hz
Sampling Parallel sampling
Resolution 24-bits
Bandwidth 0-250 Hz
Flat Frequency 0-133 Hz
Response (3dB attenuation at 133Hz), true DC performance
Anti-aliasing Filter YES
Active Ground YES

Communication type

Wireless Communications Bluetooth range v2.1 + EDR
Bluetooth range ~10 meters


Power Supply USB Type-C
Battery Type Internal
Operation time ~ 5 hours
**Line of sight only

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