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Let’s move the boundaries of neuroscience together
with Smarting recycle

What is Smarting recycle program all about?

Smarting recycle program 2024 is open for applications!

Smarting recycle program enables all the users of Smarting and Smarting Mobi systems to upgrade their devices to the next generation mobile EEG systems – Smarting PRO and Smarting PRO X with 20% discount.
At the same time, the program provides the opportunity for the research groups that use EEG for educational purposes to get refurbished Smarting devices donated for their activities.
We have launched this program as we strongly believe that mobile EEG is the new standard in EEG research, and that every lab – either research or edu, should use simple, versatile & convenient systems for their study setups.

Upgrade your Smarting to new
Smarting Pro or Smarting Pro X

20% discount

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Smarting PRO mobile EEG device
Smarting PRO X mobile EEG device
Smarting PRO mobile app preview

How to upgrade?

If you have a Smarting system that you’d like to upgrade with our Smarting upgrade program*, get in touch with our sales team for any further details and instructions. Before going for the further procedure steps, please make sure your Smarting is working, as it is the only prerequisite for the upgrade.

Upgrade mechanics and details

We will do your system upgrade in a few simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with our sales team
  2. Ship your old system together with the cap
  3. We send you new PRO line system

As the cherry on top, it would be great if you have a recommendation for where to donate your returned and refurbished Smarting system!


*the upgrade works on the bases one SMARTING or SMARTING mobi for a new SMARTING PRO or SMARTING PRO X with the discount of 20%. The discount can not be cumulated. This offer is valid until November 1st 2024.

How to get refurbished Smarting?

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How to start?

If you are a Professor or Assistant Professor who uses EEG systems for education in Bachelor or Master Programs, you can fill out our simple application form below with a short descripton on how you plan to use Smarting system in your research, and we will get back to you once we have collected all the applications. In case you have any doubts or questions you can get in touch with us.

If you would like to get a refurbished Smarting for your research, group or study

Apply here

Apply here

Help us spread the word and donate refurbished Smarting devices

Through all these years, we have been relying on the community of our customers, partners and research fellows as the strongest communication channel. This time, we invite you all to spread the word about our Smarting recycle program and help us donate refurbished Smarting systems to the research labs that will join the league of mobile EEG pioneers. Let’s move the boundaries of neuroscience together!

Upgrade your Smarting device to Smarting Pro or Pro X and

Get a 20% discount

Fill out the form and our sales team will provide you with further details and instructions.

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