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Smart fones

A man listens to music on headphones


A man listens to music on headphones

EEG headgear for unobtrusive recordings

  • 11 ch perfectly lined up for auditory studies

  • Supports audio


We have created a powerful tool for all creative and disruptive minds who want to bring pioneering EEG work to life and apply neuroscience in an everyday setting. Smartfones enable simultaneous auditory input and high-quality EEG signal streaming. With the headphones look and reliable EEG data, Smartfones enable brain studies and EEG research in real life setups.

Created for PROs

The total of 11 semi-dry electrodes (4 around each ear and 3 central + REF and GND) provide high-quality EEG recording for cognitive studies. It allows auditory input, fully synchronised with the EEG output through Smarting Streamer or Smarting Android apps.

Compatible with
Smarting amplifiers

24 channel Mobile EEG





Smarting Pro
32 channel Mobile EEG





Smarting Pro X
64 channel high-density
mobile EEG





quick setup

Experience Smartfones

Smartfones is where science meets lifestyle, they play music or any other auditory input and record reliable eeg signal. It means that you can record brain activity wherever you may imagine.


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