How to use SMARTFONES and stay safe from COVID-19

We are all already aware of how important it is to remain responsible during a pandemic, especially in the period of transition to our daily routines. So, if you are planning to start, or get back to using SMARTFONES for research purposes, in the laboratory, or at home, it is very important that you follow the following steps after using SMARTFONES in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

  1. Always wear gloves.
  2. Carefully remove SMARTFONES behind or above your head.
  3. Use tweezers to remove used sponges. If you want to reuse the same sponges, make sure that you keep them in a personalized cup.
  4. Clean all the leather surfaces on the ear cups and frame with cotton pads and alcohol
  5. Pack your SMARTFONES and Smarting device in the box. Now, they are safe to be used by someone else.

For more detailed explanation please watch the video below.

Stay safe.

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