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Software Development Kit

Release Aug 2016


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OpenVibe ver_1.1.0

Release May 2016


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Android ver_1.6

Release Jul 2017


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Smarting Streamer ver_3.0

Release Sep 2017



Mounting the EEG cap


SMARTING Android App


Checkerboard task


Connecting to PC and streamer


Download the Lab Recorder from here.

Unpack the downloaded file at the desired location.

Run the executable file LabRecorder.exe

The ERP experiments can be performed on both Smarting Streamer on PC and Smarting Android app (see the download section above). Smarting software (both on PC and Adnroid) receives UDP triggers and are compatible with the labstreamlayer (LSL) platform.

The following stimuli presentation software are compatible with SMARTING:

Any other software that supports the LSL platform can also be used.

SMARTING can be coupled with the devices that support the LSL protocol. More on LSL can be found here. The list of readily available software and devices, for streaming the data over the LSL protocol can be found here.

Please note that LSL is an open source SDK, and therefore it is possible to create an LSL-based protocol for any sensor that comes with an open SDK.

The BCI experiments can be performed in the OpenVibe software, which can be downloaded from here.

Additionally, the SMARTING EEG data can be imported as a LSL stream can be imported in BCIlab which is an open source Matlab® toolbox for BCI research.


In case you have lost your credentials, please contact our support team at

The best way to set the allow the drift level is to set it to maximum. This is simply because the Bluetooth communication can become unstable, meaning it is late, but with no loss of data. Therefore, the recommended setting is to set the “Drift Tolerance (ms)” to 100, and “Jitter Estimation Count for Drift” to 1000.

If you experience such problems, please contact us directly at

  • Check if the distance between the SMARTING device and the recording device is not too large
  • Check if there are not too many (more than 3) bluetooth devices streaming at the same time in the same room
  • Check the battery level (should be higher than 0%)
  • Check if your Bluesoleil dongle is properly attached to your computer
  • Uninstall the streaming application, and install the new one from the website
  • Try restarting your computer (it may be that your Bluesoleil dongle is disconnected from your system)
  • In case there are too many people surrounding the bluetooth communication, it may attenuate the signal strength.
  • In case the WiFi connection of the recording computer (or phone) is overloaded, it may affect the bluetooth communication.
  • If nothing of the above seems to be the problem, please contact our support team at

The BlueSoleil software is shipped on the mBrainTrain USB dongle within the SMARTING package. The license is contained in the BlueSoleil bluetooth dongle that is also sent with the SMARTING package. However, the software can also be downloaded from the BlueSoleil website  and the price of the license is $27.99

In case of PC Streamer

  • Go to the Bluesoleil window, unpair your device and pair it again.
  • After pairing, right click on your device and click “Connect” within the Bluesoleil program. The icon should become green.
  • If it is green, right click on your device, disconnect it, and connect it from the SMARTING streamer. Contact the support team at in case you cannot connect it from the SMARTING streamer
  • In case the device cannot be connected from the Bluesoleil window, try reattaching the Bluesoleil dongle, or restarting the computer.

In case of Android app

  • Go to bluetooth settings, and unpair your device and pair it again. After this, the device should connect to your Android app. Try restarting the phone if the issue is not solved yet

If the Bluesoleil application is installed, but Smarting device only says “connecting” and nothing seems to happen, try the following.

Go to Device Manager and disable Bluetooth driver altogether. Restart the computer, go straight back to Bluesoleil application and try pairing the Smarting device again.



SMARTING is supported by Windows OS (Starting with Windows 7) and Android platform.

The regular SMARTING package contains the wireless amplifier, 24ch electrode EasyCap recording cap, starter kit including the electrolyte gel, mobile phone and the accompanying PC and Android software. The package can be modified during the ordering process. For any additional questions, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

The supported data formats are .XDF and .BDF. Also .GDF and .EDF file formats are supported when using SMARTING via OpenVibe platform.

SMARTING EEG recordings can be performed by solely using an Android based smartphone, on which the ERP experiments can be performed as well. However, if the synchronization with the other sensors is needed, it is possible to stream the EEG data from the smartphone to the recording PC, where the synchronization with the other sensors is possible.

Yes, it is possible to perform the ERP studies on both the PC and Android based platform.

SMARTING precision is below its sampling rate (2ms) – tested with Neurobs® Presentation software. However, depending on the platform and the stimulation software the delay and jitter values can vary. The jitter values may go up to 6ms, while the delay values for Android OS. An important notice is that it is possible to measure the delay values for each cellphone, and this delay value is constant for all recordings for that device.

Yes, precise and synchronous recordings are possible in all supported data formats (see above). Important note is that SMARTING supports the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL), which enables the synchronous recordings with smarting and various other sensors (which are supported by the LSL protocol), with the millisecond precision.

SMARTING is very easy to use, and it does not require the high level of technical knowledge.


The Input Referred Noise of SMARTING device is 1 µV.

Yes, the connection can be tested on both the Android and PC application, by selecting the test signal from the home menu and start streaming the signal. If the SMARTING is properly connected, the test signal will show on the display after selecting the signal show option.

In order to monitor the impedance values continuously, one can select the measure impedance option on the main window of SMARTING streamer on the PC, or by enabling impedances on the Android application (from settings window). The impedance values are color coded in the main window, while in the signal show window; the color coded values of the impedances are placed next to the electrode names on the far left side of the signal show window.

The newest software and user manual updates can be found here.

We provide the SDK for the users that want to create a customized application.

    • The unit for EEG signals is microvolts [μV], range ±100mV
    • The unit for Gyroscope data is degrees/second [dps], range ±2000dps
    • The unit for Accelerometer data is [m/s2] = ±4g
    • The unit for Impedance measures is [], range 0-100

Yes, you can always check the impedance values. In SMARTING streamer, the impedances are shown after checking the “Measure Impedance” checkbox. In Android app, the impedances are automatically shown, when the app is started. The impedances are color coded, and the limits can be changed within the software. Check the user manual for more information.


For the time being, mBrainTrain is only receiving wire Bank Transfers for its product/services. Please use only the banking data (IBAN, SWIFT Code etc) provided in the header section of the official invoicing material issued by mBrainTrain LLC.

As clearly outlined on all mBrainTrain offering/invoicing materials, all the pricing is stated without VAT item and the end-user will need to coordinate this importing matter on its own expense (for certain Academic Institutions/European Projects/Scientific Organizations and similar, this kind of purchase can be exempted of VAT but this is solely in jurisdiction of the receiving party). Moreover, under no circumstances can mBrainTrain be found liable for any kind of remaining importing processes. We will offer our empirical help and provide all the required instructions/materials, but just in a sense of assisting the client. Each SMARTING set is followed with a copy of CE Certificate and Declaration of Conformity.

Shipping Rates are determined according to the official pricelist of DHL International. Appropriate charges vary on final destination zone and volumetric weight/size of the package. If you want to make a customized inquiry for estimated Freight Fee of your shipment, please do not hesitate to write to us via According to standard Purchase Offers of mBrainTrain LLC, delivery time is up to 12 weeks starting from reception of the official Purchase Order. However, if mutually stated conditions allow a delivery coordinated in less than 12 weeks, mBrainTrain and an end-user may agree upon a shorter delivery line.

EasyCap GmbH is the official partner of mBrainTrain LLC providing EEG Caps (specially made for SMARTING device) and other related consumables (Cotton Swabs, Degreasers, Pre-Filled Syringes, Cleaning Equipment etc). These products are being sent away directly from Germany to the end user’s address for the sake of fast and economic delivery. Even though the products are being followed with customs/commercial invoicing and delivery notes, charges for EasyCap products are supposed to be paid directly to mBrainTrain LLC through official incorporated invoicing, and not to EasyCap GmbH.

mBrainTrain has the official contract with DHL International for Export and Import Services, and in that sense, our ordinary practices include delivery via DHL. Still, if there is a special request made by the end-user in terms of freight forwarding company (UPS, FedEx, TNT etc), mBrainTrain would agree to use another dispatcher but only if a client has a valid Importing account with that agency that can be charged for all the packaging/transport/clearance fees. If this is the case, mBrainTrain invoices will accordingly be generated only with net amount related to products and services provided by mBrainTrain with no Shipping Costs included.