Stealing our own show – NOW IN HIGH DENSITY

Whoever watched one of the TechCrunch disrupt events knows – never do a live demo! On the other hand, live demos speak many languages and replace a thousand words, and they are tempting. And those who have been following our work over the years know that we can resist anything but temptation. But enough of being vague.

We planned our newest addition for PRO line – Smarting PRO X to happen in just a few days – October 18th, and to be the crown of our X-year celebration. What is PRO X and why we decided it to be THE product for this occasion?

PRO X is the fully mobile 64 channel EEG system which will bring the convenience to the complexity of high-density brain studies. It was a challenge, as truly mobile high-density EEG had for long been considered the missing piece to the human brain research – and certainly a missing piece for us – the mobile EEG company.

The work on a new device is not only a hard engineering process – it is also putting yourself in the “users’ shoes” and trying to map the entire experience from setting the experiment up, to sorting the data after you are done, and of course, not forgetting the always “fun” experience of washing the cap. Recreating this user journey is also a fun part, a perk of the job someone could say… What comes next is slightly less fun – from making things work for the first time – to making them work every time – while testing, retesting, and trying to step back and try not to miss anything (while you always miss on something). It’s a lot of work, but our clients expect nothing less from us.

Anyway, the long digression does have a point – it was June (so not October ) – and there we were, in La Jolla, California, on a MoBI conference. We had a prototype of PRO X device with us (a working prototype that is) for which Pavle – our Head of Engineering – instructed me NOT TO show to anyone outside of our team. But, disregarding the memories of mentioned TechCrunch disrupt public failures, and having an optimism stemming from no rational basis, I decided to go for a – live demo – what else of course. Ignorance can be a bliss.

But stay with me – this is not a sad story – quite the opposite. Smarting PRO X, even months before its final shape made a startling appearance – proving that high-density mobile EEG can work reliably in a room full of people and not display any signs of any interference, showcase great data quality, and be mounted extremely fast as witnessed by some people in the room.

Picture 1: Not so bad experience (proven by later testimonial)
Picture 2: Averaged ERP response recorded using Smarting PRO X, checkerboard visual task
Picture 3: ERP image, O1 electrode response

In a way, Smarting PRO X stole its own show.

But not really. What we have prepared carries a lot of hidden perks so brace yourselves for the upcoming show and first (official) public appearance on October 18, 2023.

I guess I could say that we are extremely proud of our creation – we have moved the boundaries of not only neuroscience, but also of our own knowledge. Of course, the true reward comes only after such a tool is put to use – and I can’t wait to read studies – enabled by Smarting PRO X.

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