Choose SMARTING to bring
convenience and simplicity to your
research experiments and join the
league of pioneers in mobile EEG.

High signal

Submillisecond time precision

Streamer for PC


A portable EEG device for high-quality recordings and monitoring brain activity in real-time, outside the lab.

When paired with PC, SMARTING mobi provides superior data quality with an excellent time precision.



SMARTING is small, simple and mobile EEG device, with no need for any additional equipment, which makes it a powerful research tool that records EEG on the go:

Psychology studies
Sport studies
Drowsiness/fatigue studies
Serious gaming/VR studies


SMARTING supports synchronization with other sensors and simultaneous multi-amplifier streaming via labstreaming layer, so it can be used for cognitive group studies:

In musical groups
Among quiz players
For sport psychology
Interaction in multiplayer games


SMARTING is wearable device that features motion sensors, which means that you can detect body and head movements. It makes our device perfectly suitable for:

Pairing behavioural & cognitive metrics
Health and safety at work research
Complementing neurological image
Brain recordings in sport studies


than 60g

Light and Compact

250-500Hz sampling

0-133Hz flat frequency response High Signal quality

Recording cap

Customizable and Comfortable

3D built-in Gyroscope

for recording Head motion

10m Bluetooth

Wireless recordings

Up to 5 hours recordings

Long battery life

General characteristics


Smarting mobi

Number of channels


Channel Type / Reference

referential channels / recording with one electrode

Input impedance

1 GΩ

Input Referred Noise

<1 µV

Input Range

(-100)mV – 100 mV


> 140 dB*




3D Built-in

*measured at 50Hz common mode


Electrode Connectors


EEG Cap Layouts




Physical box size

82x51x12 mm


<60 grams

AD conversion

Sampling frequency

250 or 500 Hz


Parallel sampling




0-250 Hz

Flat Frequency Response

0-133 Hz
(3dB attenuation at 133Hz), true DC performance

Anti-aliasing Filter


Active Ground


Communication type

Wireless Communications

Bluetooth range v2.1 + EDR

Bluetooth range

~10 meters


Power Supply

USB Type-C

Battery Type


Operation time

~ 5 hours

in the Box?

  • SMARTING mobi
  • EEG cap
  • Smarting Streamer
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Charger

The box also fits: Smarting EEG amplifier,
Smarting USB charger, Bluesoleil dongle.


Weighs less
than 60g

Light and Compact

250-500Hz sampling

0-133Hz flat frequency response for a high-quality signal

Recording cap

Customizable and Comfortable

3D built-in gyroscope for recording Head motion

10m Bluetooth range

Wireless recordings

Up to 5 hours recordings

Vibrant battery life




EasyCap, the official partner of mBrainTrain LLC, provides EEG caps with standardized or custom electrode layout configuration. The caps are built on Ag/AgCl sintered ring electrodes and are perfect for long-term EEG recordings.

Mindfield biosystems

SMARTING mobi incorporates eSense Skin Response and Temperature sensors. Hence, it allows synchronous EEG data recording, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), and body temperature monitoring solely on a smartphone - allows full mobility of the subjects.


SMARTING mobi is integrated with the Mangold DataView and Interact software, which allows synchronous recording of EEG and video data. Mangold International is the leading observational lab system for behavioral research.

Neurobs Presentation

Provides a solution for reliable ERP experiments on smartphones as it can record the ERPs in a free environment. SMARTING mobi and Neurobs Presentation software enable wireless stimulus triggering protocol on smartphones and PC.

Pupil labs

Pupil labs is an open-source platform for eye tracking and egocentric vision research. SMARTING mobi and Pupil labs eye tracker can synchronously record data using smartphones, allowing full mobility for both neuromarketing and neuroergonomics research.


SMARTING mobi device is supported by OpenViBE, an open-source platform for the brain-computer interface (BCI) and real-time neurofeedback experiments. OpenViBE supports both Windows and Linux OS.


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