New support page powered by Zendesk

Our new support page can be found on, where our customers can read FAQ articles, watch our tutorial videos, or ask for support by submitting a request.

Customers can find solutions to common problems in our FAQ articles section on their own, or they can submit their questions for our support team. There is also an option for creating an account, which enables the customer to follow and view details of all the requests they submitted directly from our support site, as well as update their requests if needed.

Figure 1. Submit a request and Sign In options on our site

When you sign in, simply click on your profile and choose “my activities”, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Click on My activities to view all submitted requests

Now, all of your previous requests are listed on the page as seen in Figure 3, and you can click on any of them for an update. This way, there is no need to send multiple emails for the same request.

Figure 3. A list of submitted requests when signed in

The transition to using Zendesk as our Customer Service Software also benefits our support team. Now, customer support interactions are all in one place, which makes it easier and faster to resolve any issues.

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