Mobile EEG workshop – Come and join us at pre-SfN event!

Mark your calendars for November 10, as we invite you to join us in Washington DC for a pre-conference Mobile EEG workshop! The workshop will take place at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel.

This year, we are organizing mobile EEG workshop as an event prior to SfN 2023, a unique hands-on workshop to showcase our flagship systems in demanding study EEG workshop

Get ready for 2 hours of networking, idea sharing, and hands-on experience for our solutions that help researchers to cover two most common and most challenging setups – multimodal studies (using EEG in combination with other sensors) and hyperscanning (setups with 3 or more study subjects at the same time).

These demos feature our Smarting Pro line – Smarting PRO 32 channel system and high-density 64 channel Smarting PRO X.

  • Smarting PRO demo will feature the usage of EEG system in combination with Eye-tracking
  • Smarting PRO X will feature a setup of a complex multi-subject scenario in less than 10 minutes

With the integration of cutting-edge features and technologies, we made sure to answer the struggles of the brain researchers from the moment of planning the study to the moment of washing and packing the EEG equipment. Do not miss this opportunity to see them in action and to test and challenge their simplicity and ease of use at our mobile EEG workshop.

Limited Spots Available! Apply Now!

The workshop is free to attend, just fill out the simple registration form, and we will send you the confirmation mail and more details about the event. Don’t forget to apply, because only confirmed attendees will be able to participate.

Workshop Details:

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Lunch & Refreshments: Culinary delights and refreshments will be served.

Networking Session: An invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow researchers in neuroscience.

Location:  Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

In case you can’t make it to the workshop, make sure to visit our booth at the SfN conference, and check out our systems and cutting-edge features from 11-15 November.

The SfN Conference is a premier global event that has been at the forefront of the neuroscience community for years. It contains an array of presentations, symposia, and exhibits that cover various aspects of brain research. More details on the SfN Conference you can find here.

This year, we are excited to participate and showcase our latest portable EEG devices and demos during the conference. See more info about the demos below and check out the detailed schedule on our site.

Urban Beat demo

Inspired by the urban jungle we live in, surrounded by everyday traffic jams, construction sites, and crowd noises, our own Urban Beat app was created – a combination of authentic city sounds, brain waves, and emotions – all made by your brain waves. It is uniquely designed to show how our mbt technology works in a simplified way.

We’ll create a unique experience for you, with a customized gift you can take home.

Combined EEG and Eye-Tracking live demo

In out-of-lab situations, EEG recordings need additional environmental context. For that reason, we prepared a seamless integration of EEG and eye-tracking on a mobile phone with Pupil Labs. This setup includes no cables. EEG and EyeTracking are synchronously recorded with a single Android phone, while the participant is able to freely move in accordance with the research setup.

Mobile EEG in high-density live demo

We’ll show how to get EEG recordings outdoors, even with 64-channel high-density systems like Smarting PRO X. This means that you’re free to take your research outdoors and get 64 channels of raw EEG data.

At our booth, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with our team and go through the details of your particular setup. We invite you to schedule a demo with our team and secure an opportunity to find out more about our EEG systems. Beyond the technical aspects, we aim to foster a sense of community among neuroscientists and enthusiasts.

Our booth will provide a welcoming space for networking, where you can engage in meaningful discussions with fellow researchers and industry professionals.

We believe that collaboration is vital to advancing the field of neuroscience, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community.

We can’t wait to see you in Washington DC on November 10 at our mobile EEG workshop, and at our booth until November 15!

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