mbt – memoirs of our brand life

They write memoirs of a company. And here are the first few chapters of ours…

Do not worry, it is not really memoirs, it is just a few minutes read.

Before we travel through time to 2012, we would like to set your expectations right — the last changes we’ve made are more evolutionary than radical, and yes, that is the image that caught your eye just below this paragraph. We believe you do recognize some elements

Now, let’s stick to the form.


The birth of our brand happened in 2012, and our first logo, was, well…. our first logo. As a company that just emerged in a very demanding market, we simply wanted people to know what we were actually about (brain, obviously). As a short notion for our family and friends — we still don’t read thoughts.

We picked the company name (again quite self-explanatory) and picked a color.

Mission accomplished.

Good enough to get going.


As every teenager –we knew we were changing, and we wanted to find our recognizable style, while at the same time staying true to the child within. We wanted to be distinctive and beautiful, loved, and recognized wherever we appeared (read it ‘we needed a simplistic design easily applicable online and offline’).

The company developed further, our presence was increasing, both at events and online, which took us to the next checkpoint. We wanted to be more simplistic, more approaching. And, ok, we wanted our branding to be more than just stating the obvious.

At that time, it was all about our flagship product — SMARTING, and we intuitively perceived it as the physical representation of our brand identity.

Maybe not obvious at the first sight — but yes, it was still a brain — not a simple illustration of a brain as in Chapter 1, it was a story about the brain that reflects our company vision.

In the meantime, SMARTING had become a recognized product, present all over the world, in over a hundred laboratories. And not only that — it opened the door for the development of new products and services — SMARTING sleep, SMARTFONES…. But the success of SMARTING was such that people increasingly started mixing the company name with the name of the product. Visual diversity, hundreds of business cards, and leaflets simply were not enough.

We had to admit ourselves — we had an identity crisis.


Ok, the previous four years were difficult, struggling with who we were and what we were heading to become. And, we believe it happened to all of us — you’d always been thinking that your life will be about that one thing you are famous for. Then life happens and imposes new roles upon you and you realize that yes, it will be that one thing you are great at, but there are also new skills you are evolving that are all important parts of who you are.

This is exactly what happened to us. As the team committed to bringing innovation, we need a strong mother brand (mbt) that will allow for that innovation to happen on different fronts (new products and services). So, we had to adjust to that — by keeping what makes us who we are and making our corporate brand a branded house for all the new sub-brands that will happen on our great mission.

Here we are… The year 2020, strange as it came out to be, happened to be a year of our new branding. This time, it is not simply a corporate and product logo, this time it’s a branded house.

It is simpler and more defined, reflecting the spirit of our company — fresh, cheerful, and dynamic. We believe that in the years to come it will facilitate company scaling while keeping us in your memory.


We’ll stop here — it is many more chapters to come but we are ready to embrace them and change again when it becomes necessary. Now, we leave you with the new look, not to be surprised that the next shipment arrives differently.

Don’t worry, we are still the same group of people, only with a more consistent presence, and hopefully, a more memoizable one.

To be continued…

Hope to meet soon,

Your mbt team

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