Send LSL triggers in Neurobs Presentation

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Are you setting up an experiment with a mobile EEG device and you want to send triggers via Presentation? You can do it completely wirelessly and without much effort. In this short blog,  we describe how to send triggers  using LSL and mbt Streamer.

You can simply Enable sending LSL triggers from the General Settings of Presentation, to send a LSL stream called “Presentation” to any other app on the same computer, or any other device on the network.

Fig 1. Check the box saying “Send event data to LSL”.
Fig 2. You need to Open the stream in Presentation for LSL, in LSL Properties.

The LSL stream will be automatically detected in the mbt Streamer, and can be recorded all into one .xdf file, as the LSL LabRecorder does. However, mbt Streamer can do much more, as it can integrate keyboard presses as markers, and include 3D head motion visualizations etc.

Fig 3. Recording LSL in mbt Streamer. To bring no confusion (kama) is the name of my computer but you can imagine streams coming from many different computers with minimal delay (in a few ms). I have also checked an option in mbt Streamer to record all keyboard presses as LSL on the computer.

Then you can open the .xdf file with Python or Matlab and analyze the data.

Fig 4. Example code to open a .xdf file in Python.


Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

*Conclusion written by mbt team

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