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Meet our team at the SfN Neuroscience 2023 conference!

The SfN Conference is a premier global event that has been at the forefront of the neuroscience community for years. It contains an array of presentations, symposia, and exhibits that cover various aspects of brain research.

This year, we are excited to participate and showcase our latest portable EEG devices and interesting demos during the conference.

We invite you to explore our SmartingPRO line and schedule a demo with our team on the form below and find out more information about our wireless EEG systems.

Our live demos will offer a hands-on experience for our solutions that help researchers move the boundaries of neuroscience and their work (see more about our live demos below).

At our booth, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with our team and go through the details of your particular setup.

Beyond the technical aspects, we aim to foster a sense of community among neuroscientists and enthusiasts. Our booth will provide a welcoming space for networking, where you can engage in meaningful discussions with fellow researchers and industry professionals.

We believe that collaboration is vital to advancing the field of neuroscience, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community.

And don’t forget about our special gifts and freebies! We genuinely appreciate your interest in our products, and we want to express our gratitude with tokens of appreciation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet our team and schedule a demo or discuss your use case with them. Make sure to insert your details in the form below

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Nov 11 2023 - Nov 15 2023

SfN conference highlights and schedule:

Brain on Art live demo

On SfN, this year, we will showcase how our Smartfones (read more about Smartfones here) can be used in interesting, real-life projects. We will show the brain and music cohesion with the help of AI – in addition, every participant will get a customized gift that represents an individual’s response to our EEG device and the task presented. Come check it out and see the amazing connection between creativity and the brain!

Combined EEG and Eye Tracking live demo

We will showcase how our device can be used for a complete out-of-the-lab setting, with Pupil Labs eye-tracking glasses (read more about Pupil-Labs eye-tracking glasses here). This setup includes no cables and mobile phone recording of both EEG and EyeTracking, while the participant is able to freely move in accordance with the research setup.

Outdoor EEG recording live demo

We’ll show how to get EEG recordings outdoors, even with 64-channel high-density systems like Smarting PRO X (read more about our Smarting PRO X system here). This means that you’re free to take your research outdoors and get 64 channels of raw EEG data. Here is one example of Outdoor EEG recording with Smarting devices.

Smarting Recycle Program

If you’re already our customer, you can also use this opportunity to get more information about our Smarting Recycle program, which gives you the opportunity to upgrade to our PRO line devices. You can read more about our recycling program here

Society for Neuroscience location


Washington, US

Booth Details:

Booth #2426

You can find more details, map, and our booth position here

Venue location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C

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