Neuroergonomics 2024

Neuroergonomics 2024


Following the success of the previous Neuroergonomics editions, it’s time for us to meet again.

The 2024 Neuroergonomics Conference highlights a variety of neurotechnologies, including the SmartingPRO line. Let’s meet up in Bordeaux, France this July and push the boundaries of neuroscience together!

The conference delves into the myriad ways in which technologies can advance different domains, from boosting the capabilities of human operators to aiding impaired patients, seniors, and athletes alike.  Through a diverse array of speakers and topics, the 2024 Neuroergonomics program cultivates an environment that promotes the sharing of innovative ideas and facilitates meaningful connections and we will be there!

Mobile EEG and Hyperscanning in Real-World Applications Workshop, July 8th

Join us for a hands-on workshop at the Neuroergonomics conference, where we will demonstrate the cutting-edge integration of mobile EEG technology in a naturalistic setting. This session will highlight the ease of using a mobile app to connect with an EEG system, showcasing its practicality for real-world applications.

In the second part of the workshop, we’ll set up a Hyperscanning recording, by wirelessly connecting multiple EEG systems. This live demonstration will illustrate how Hyperscanning can be used to study team dynamics, providing valuable insights into collective cognitive processes.

For more information about how to attend the workshop, visit the Neuroergonomics Conference website.

Smarting PRO X HD mobile EEG Demo

We’ll demonstrate how to obtain EEG recordings outdoors, even utilizing advanced 64-channel high-density systems like the Smarting PRO X. This allows you the liberty to conduct your research in outdoor settings while capturing 64 channels of raw EEG data.

Urban Beat demo

Inspired by the urban jungle we live in, surrounded by everyday traffic jams, construction sites, and crowd noises, our own Urban Beat app was created. A combination of authentic city sounds, brain waves, and emotions – all made by your brain waves. It is uniquely designed to show how our mbt technology works in a simplified way.

We’ll create a unique experience for you, with a customized gift you can take home. Check the schedule and become a part of Urban Jungle at our booth.


Jul 8 2024 - Jul 12 2024

Tuesday, July 9th,

  • 03:30-04:30 PM – Mobile EEG in Naturalistic Setups

Wednesday, July 10th,

  • 09:00-09:30 AM – Smartfones headset demo
  • 02:00-04:00 PM – high-density EEG demo in fully mobile conditions

Thursday, July 11th,

  • 9:30-10:30 AM – Urban Beat live demo
  • 01:30-02:30 PM – Workshop: Mobile EEG and Hyperscanning in Real-World Applications Workshop


Bordeaux, France