mbt mobile eeg workshop

mobile EEG workshop prior to SfN


*All spots are filled. Join the waitlist, or visit us at the SfN booth on Nov 12 – Nov 15.

Mobile EEG workshop before SfN 2023

This year, we are organizing a pre-conference hands-on workshop to showcase our flagship systems in demanding study scenarios. The workshop program covers 2 product demos and social event with free food and drinks.

Our product demos are designed to cover 2 most common and most challenging setups – multimodal studies (using EEG in combination with other sensors) and multi-subject/hyperscanning studies (setups with 3 or more study subjects at the same time).

We will do a hands-on demonstration of mbt flagship products – 32 channel Smarting PRO system and high-density 64 channel Smarting PRO X.

  • Smarting PRO demo will feature the usage of EEG system in combination with Eye tracking
  • Smarting PRO X will feature a setup of a complex high-density system in less than 10 minutes

Our mobile EEG systems offer full mobility and versatility to enable the brain researchers to research what they want instead of researching what they can! (watch the video)

With the integration of cutting edge features and technologies, we made sure to answer the struggles of the brain researchers from the moment of planning the study to the moment of washing and packing the EEG equipment. Do not miss this opportunity to see them in action and to test and challenge their simplicity and ease of use.

This workshop is free to attend, just make sure to register and help us plan for the good event organization.


Nov 10 2023

3:00-5:00 PM @ Grand Hotel Hyatt

2 product demos

Free lunch & refreshments

Networking session


Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Register to get your mobile tickets.

Only the attendees with the tickets will be able to join the event.

Check out the full mbt program at the SfN conference.