mbt – memoirs of our brand life

They write memoirs of a company. And here are the first few chapters of ours… Do not worry, it is not really memoirs, it is just a few minutes read. Before we travel through time to 2012, we would like to set your expectations right — the last changes we’ve made are more evolutionary than […]

Neural Implant podcast: How mBrainTrain is producing a mobile EEG device

NARRATOR:Welcome to the Neural Implant podcast, where we talk with the people behind the current events and breakthroughs in brain implants and understandable ways helping bring together various fields involved in Euro prosthetics. Here is your host Ladan Jirace HOST:Hello everyone. And welcome to the neural implant podcast. Today’s guest is Ivan. He is from […]

New support page powered by Zendesk

Our new support page can be found on mbraintrain.zendesk.com, where our customers can read FAQ articles, watch our tutorial videos, or ask for support by submitting a request. Customers can find solutions to common problems in our FAQ articles section on their own, or they can submit their questions for our support team. There is […]

Smarting Streamer 3.4.1 released

A new Smarting Streamer update, version 3.4.1, is available. The following items have been enhanced: – Desc field entry in XDF file – Impedance stream in XDF file You can find a new Streamer version on the support page or you can download it here.

Q&A: Doing Multi-human EEG

Q&A: Doing Multi-human EEG Host: Ivan Gligorijevic, CEO, mBrainTrain Panelists: Suzanne Dikker (University of New York), Karl Philipp Flosch (University of Konstanz), Martin Imhof (University of Konstanz)   ———————————————————————————————————- Intro Humans act and interact all the time i.e., each second. The interactions between one human brain and another have always been a focus in the […]

Dive4Life is online, open-source and free

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has disrupted health centers around the planet by increased demand for systems that help critical patients’ oxygen supply – ventilators. In addition to being relatively expensive, hospital ventilators are hard to obtain on the market and replacement parts for existing ventilators could not be acquired. For this reason, we voluntarily […]

How to use SMARTFONES and stay safe from COVID-19

We are all already aware of how important it is to remain responsible during a pandemic, especially in the period of transition to our daily routines. So, if you are planning to start, or get back to using SMARTFONES for research purposes, in the laboratory, or at home, it is very important that you follow […]