How to Set Up Precise Sound Stimulation with PsychoPy and pylsl

I was looking for an online ready solution to generate high-precision sound stimuli in PsychoPy and send the triggers through lab streaming layer (LSL), but I wasn’t able to find something ready-to run. This short post is explaining what you need to do to implement it yourself. Before you start, of course, you have to […]

How hard is walking

This blog post is inspired by me reading Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman while setting up dual experiments with mobile EEG. I have a friend who has an interesting tradition – each year he publishes a single facebook post and it goes like this: Hey folks, thanks much for your warm (Bday) wishes! In this […]

Brain reading - are we there yet? Everyday brain recordings

Some years ago I gave an interview for IDG Connect about the future of brain tech and forecasted that by 2020 there will be existing everyday brain wearables on the market. Today, I think this was quite an accurate assumption. This blog is about the technology state-of-the-art and how close we are to the day when recordings […]

What does the brain hide? Why we need brain wearables?

There is a lot of buzz around brain recordings, brain computer interface (BCI), mind reading and similar on the internet right now. The question I usually get is — you record my brain and then what? Can you read my mind? Can I control drones? This blog explains what it is all about and why brain recordings […]

Neuroergonomics – what is it and why now?

Investigations about interaction between a worker and his workplace are almost as old as work itself. These interactions are investigated for the purpose of efficiency in production, logistics, cutting down costs, etc. Human posture became very relevant for “lifetime employment” companies, like car manufacturing and others. If a person developed a health condition due to […]