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We are a mobile
EEG company

Our products

We developed a family of portable EEG products starting with pure simple eeg systems to professional and high-density systems and finally innovative solutions that fit into real life situations.

Making all our products in house, we employ the latest technologies to develop the most advanced software and hardware solutions for brain research and monitoring. With each new product, we make EEG closer to real life – we enable mobile, outdoor, and social experiments, and work on further advancement of the brain recording technology with the ultimate goal to make it a part of our everyday.

Smarting PRO &
Smarting PRO X

Indoor. Outdoor. Hyperscanning.
Now in high density.

Smarting PRO X mobile EEG device
Smarting PRO mobile EEG device
Smarting PRO mobile app preview


Smart headgear


Why mobile EEG?

Freedom of Movement

Our portable EEG systems are fully head-worn and lightweight allowing extreme freedom of movement. The Smarting ProLine systems include automatic real-time movement artifact removal for cleaner data in outdoor experiments.

Multimodal Recordings

The submilisecond time precision based on LSL and TTL protocols allows for integration with a variety of compatible devices. In this way the researchers receive additional insights in their EEG experiments.

Wide Scope of Research

Robust wireless connection, superior A/D conversion with strong common mode rejection allow for high quality raw data transmitted in real time to your PC or Android phone. Combined with multimodal recordings and the freedom of movement, our systems cover various use cases for indoor, outdoor and hyperscanning (social) studies.

Research fields


Understanding the neural underpinnings of social interactions is a challenging task – multiple subjects, social set-up, restricted experiment times, and the challenge of having all that data synced. Do not worry; we’ve got you covered!

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This is a type of study where you need the signal quality and reliability of a professional portable EEG system in a simple non-professional setting. Whatever the type of study you are conducting, easy data collection and transfer is an expected convenience. Our compact and fully mobile devices have got you covered.

Outdoor & gait studies

These types of EEG studies require full mobility of the EEG system and movement artefact removal mechanisms for a clear, relevant and informative brain signal. Bulky headgears, huge amplifiers, and heavy backpacks do not support mobility and the natural environment. With our professional portable EEG systems, we’ve got you covered.

Auditory EEG

No matter the type of auditory EEG studies, an auditory input and a simultaneous EEG data collection are prerequisites. Another added feature is its simplicity and ease of use, making it suitable for use in natural and social settings without encumbering the subject. We’ve got you covered for all of these.

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